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And that's how it would look like with steel wheels and original hubcaps. (again, I just put the hubcaps on for the photo).


That's how it would look like with steel wheels and bolt-through hubcaps (I just fitted the hubcaps over the Rostyles for the photo)


A few days later, I bought €4,60 glossy black spray paint to repaint the sills. Have a look three photos below to see how they looked before. I should have more of that glossy paint, for the black areas of the wheels... but I think I'll change to the more robust steel wheels anyway.


This is the car in May 2002, back on the road !!


This is the car in April 25th 2002. Engine and gearbox removed, underbonnet area rustproofed and painted. We haven't done a "concours job" with the engine bay, but why should we..... there was a lot of surface rust, but the metal was still good, no need to weld anything..... in this condition, the car now went to the Classic Rover specialist Berry Smink in NL to get a new engine..... and I suppose to get it back within the next days.


The picture above was taken in August 2001. It's the last photo before the broken original engine was taken out. You can see the paintwork is in a ... erm, well ... rather bad condition ;-) and the rear left door badly corroded, but otherwise the car is in overall solid condition. Just behind the Rover you can see the roof of my Mercedes 200D that was stolen after I had driven it for 8 1/2 years!


This is how the car looked like in early Summer 1998, when I saw it for the first time and decided to buy it. The paint looks very shiny - but just on the photo - in reality it was exactly in the same state than on all the other newer photos. The owner of the P6 also had a Triumph Stag - he sold it shortly before the P6. I've seen the Stag once in a local garage. He did not really need it - he now owns a glorious Jag XJS V12 Cabriolet....!

The Land Rover Discovery in the rear also belonged to the previous owner of the P6 - after the P6 was gone, he tried to put the Disco into the former P6's garage - but it would not fit. In the end, he traded the Disco for a Suzuki Jeep, the only one that could be squeezed into that garage ;-) ... the Suzuki was the first non-british car that the guy owned in the last 30 years. is part of my personal classic cars page

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